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Bulcode 5.0 based on 1 reviews

We do what is right not what is easy

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Size: 6

Project Budget: $5000+

Company Rate: $25 - $49 /hr

Latest review:
Through Bulcode’s reliable designs, the system clearly conveys specialized content, forecasting a positive reception by initial users. The team’s thorough tracking methods, professional communication, and eagerness to exceed expectations continue to add value. 

Ludmil Trenkov  ()


Cloud, security and software provider.

Location: Waterloo, Belgium

Founded: 1999

Size: 150


Web Agency.

Location: Bettendorf, Luxembourg

Founded: 2010

Size: 6


Development, Hosting and more..

Location: Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Founded: 2009

Size: 6

Company Rate: $1 - $25 /hr

Creative atoms

We create, develop and support startups.

Location: Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Founded: 2016

Size: 6

Positive Thinking Company

France IT Company

Location: Lyon, France

Size: 5500

Project Budget: $5000+

Company Rate: $100 - $149 /hr